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About Us

The project supports the following persons:

•You want to come to Germany as an international specialist?
•You want to do a vocational training in Germany?
•Your fiancé or your spouse lives in Germany. You want to live with him or her in Germany?
•You want to move to Germany with your German spouse, your German child or a German parent?
•You already live in Germany and you want your child, who is still a minor, to live there with you?

Then this project is the right place for you to be. The project “To arrive prepared and successfully in Germany” will support you in your plans. For that purpose partners in Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Russia established counselling centers, which provide information by group and individual counselling and by hosting information events. The consultations are free of charge.


How will you be supported by project?

The project focusses on counselling people. We want to give you all the necessary information. We will support you during your visa process. We will inform you about what to expect in Germany and help you to be as well prepared as possible for your new life there.

Once you are in Germany, you will have the possibility to get more support by the counselling centers for migration of the welfare associations (Caritas, Diakonie, AWO, DRK, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband). It is our objective to provide you with proficient consulting and support.

The counselling will concern topics as visa, right of residence, learning of the German language and the possibilities of the recognition of educational and professional qualifications. You will also get reliable information about the living conditions and living expenses in Germany  as well as the contact details of the German counselling centers.

Those, who decide to migrate to Germany, based on the counselling they have received from us, know what to expect there. They know about their rights, duties and possibilities and also about the impossibilities. You will arrive well prepared and successfully in Germany.