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How to apply properly

To get a good job in Germany, you need to know how to find a job in Germany and how to successfully apply to it. Many jobs are advertised (e.g. with job advertisements in newspapers, in online job exchanges or by the Employment Agency); In some cases one learns from friends or acquaintances about job vacancies and - if one is lucky - so-called "blind" applications can also lead to success.
Applications are usually quite standardized. Normally you have to submit a written application by mail, which consists of a suitable cover letter, a detailed curriculum vitae (usually with photo) and copies of all certificates and documents (in particular, all previous activities should be covered by work certificates). Missing documents are often interpreted as an attempt to conceal bad certificates, etc. If the employer is interested in a candidate, he usually invites him or her to a job interview, possibly to a selection test, assessment center, etc. If the employer wants to take on the applicant, a written employment contract will be made, in which the framework conditions of the employment are agreed on.

Important tips and information on how to apply properly and successfully can be found here: