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Interesting Facts about Germany


Germany is with more than 80 million inhabitants a very densely populated country and there exist many different ways of life in Germany: married and unmarried couples with and without children are found as well as same-sex partnerships, people living in divorce, single parents and single households. Very important in Germany is sensitizing people for a togetherness within the society, including people with disabilities, with migration history, different sexual orientations and so on. The aim should be to allow everyone to participate equally in the social life.

State and Politics

Germany is a federal state. It consists of 16 federal provinces which are governed autonomously by their own provincial government in certain political areas. At the same time, Germany is a parliamentary democracy. The central elements of the parliamentary democracy are the regularly held elections of national representatives, in which every adult (18+ years old) is allowed to vote.


In Germany there is freedom of religion, which means that every citizen can freely decide whether and which religion he or she wants to belong to. One can also practice religion freely, as long as this does not affect the fundamental rights of others. The largest number of people, belonging to a religion in Germany, is Christians in the Protestant or the Catholic Church, but there exist many other religions and beliefs in German.


Equality is very important in Germany. Men and women have equal rights, which also means that men nor women must not be harassed and that everyone is free to decide whom they want to love, to marry or whom they want to live with.


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