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Learning German

Being able to communicate well in German is the most important prerequisite for a successful life in Germany. The knowledge of the German language allows you to communicate with authorities, doctors, schools, neighbors and work colleagues. And only those who speak good German have the chances of a well-paid job.

If you intend to apply for a visa for immigration to Germany, you usually have to prove your German language skills. You will need a certificate from the Goethe Institute for that.

Goethe Institute Germany

Goethe Institute Turkey

Examination center of the Goethe Institute in Kosovo

Goethe Institute Bosnia-Herzegovina


On the internet you can find several very good materials, exercises etc., which can be used as a supplement to a qualified language course. On the website of the Goethe institute for example, you can practice your German for free.

Once you have arrived to Germany, there are also many opportunities to take German language courses to improve your language skills. If you will live permanently in Germany, you usually have the claim to attend an integration course – some foreigners are even obliged to complete such a course.

Information on the integration courses, you will find on the website of the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF, Federal Office for Migration an Refugees).

In Germany there are different language schools and language course provider. Volkshochschulen for example are an extensive provider for good language and integration courses. In addition you can consult the counselling centers for migration in Germany regarding good offers in the respective city or area.