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Online Consultation

The online consultation portal of the project “To Arrive Prepared and Successfully in Germany for people in Turkey, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina

Through this online consultation portal you can communicate safely with our offices in Turkey, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina. The data are transmitted in encrypted form and cannot be read by others. The system provides the highest level of privacy and data protection. To use the system, click on the link below, after reading the instructions.

What do you have to do?

1. Sign up and send a consultation request

First you have to enter the five-digit German postal code of your perspective place of residence under "Postleitzahl des Wohnortes". If you do not know the postal code, but the name of the city, you can find the postal code here.If you do not find the postal code, you do not have to enter one.

Now, please enter a login-name (“Loginname”). It must be at least 6 characters long. Then enter a password ( "Passwort") of your choice. In the next line you have to enter it again ("Passwortwiederholung”), to be sure that you have written it correctly.

You can choose the login-name and also the password freely, it is just important to remember both. If you want to ask for a consultation later or to retieve your answers, you need both. It is also important to make sure that no other has knowledge of your login-data, otherwise your privacy and data-protection might be impaired. Also the other way around: If you help family members to use the computer, you should not know their login-name and their password, to protect their privacy. Remember, if you write this information down, it can easily get into unauthorized hands.

You can then enter your consultation request below. The system works just like an e-mail program. Under "Betreff Ihrer Anfrage” (Subject of your inquiry), please enter two or three keywords to determine what is in your request. In "Ihre Anfrage” (Your inquiry) please describe your problem in detail and write down your questions. If you press "Absenden" (Send), your request will automatically be sent to our counselling staff in an encrypted way. You will receive a notification that your request has been forwarded.

You will be asked on this page, whether you want an e-mail notification when there is a response to your request. If you enter your e-mail address, you will be informed as soon as you have been answered. If you do not enter your e-mail address, you must log in to the system from time to time, in order to have a look, if you have received an answer yet. Entering an address of an e-mail account, to which others have access to, is not advisable, if you do not want these people to read your private answers to your consultation requests. If you enter an e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail account.

2. Retrieve your answers

Our counselling centers will try to provide you with an answer to your request as soon as possible. Since we receive a lot of inquiries and also perform telephonical and personal consultations, we cannot always give you an answer right away. We strive to provide you with a response within two to three working days. If it is very urgent (especially if you received a letter and a deadline is running), please contact us by telephone.

To retrieve the message, you have to log in again (“einloggen”) on the start page with your login-name and your password. You will then see if there is a response and if it is so, you can read it. Even if you are notified of an incoming message by e-mail, you must retrieve in this way. The message is not sent to you automatically, so that unauthorized persons cannot read it. You can reply to the message or ask new questions (click "Antwort").

What you need to be aware of

• An online consultation cannot replace personal counselling. The more accurate and complete your request is, the better and more precise answers we can give you. In many cases we will also have to check back with you, in order for us to avoid misunderstandings and to provide you with correct information. Through the online consultation, we can only check to a limited extent whether both sides have understood the problem or the answer correctly. In any case, you should also take personal or at least telephonical advice.
• We strive to answer your questions as good and correct as possible. But we also do not know and see everything. We therefore ask for your understanding that we cannot accept any liability for this form of consultation. Please keep your access data (login-name and password) secret. You can also always contact us via e-mail, if you would like to receive an answer via e-mail. Please remember: this way your data will not be protected. Our e-mail addresses you find