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School Degrees

Recognition of School Degrees for Study
In order to be able to start studying in Germany as a foreigner, you must be familiar with the German study application system and you need your pervious school leaving certificate to be recognized.
  • In Germany there is no central University Entrance Examination as it exists in Turkey for example. If you pass the “Abitur”, you automatically acquire the so-called “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” (university entrance qualification). With this qualification you can apply for your chosen study subject at your chosen Universities. For some subject, such as medical studies or pharmaceuticals for example, there are central placing systems.
  • If you have a school leaving certificate from a school in a foreign country, you must have it recognized in Germany. As a graduate of a 11-year general or vocational secondary school in Turkey, you must still attend the “Studienkolleg” in Germany before beginning your studies. If you graduated from a 12-year general or vocational secondary school, you can directly apply for your studies at a university.
  • Your school degrees and your passed University Entrance Examination have to be recognized by the respective Academic International Office of the German University where you wish to study.
Recognition of School Degrees for Work/Vocational Training
  • If you want to undergo vocational training in Germany, which requires a specific school leaving certificate, it is important to have this certificate recognized. If you want to successfully apply for a job in Germany, recognized degrees can also be helpful or even required. Only this way, a potential employer can know about the qualifications you have.
  • The respective authorities in the 16 federal provinces decide about the recognition of your degrees. The relevant authorities can be found here.


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