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In Germany there are 445 Universities (Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, Art/Music/Film Schools) offering about 17.300 study courses. On average 2.5 million young people study in Germany, 11% of them from abroad.
Prerequisites for studying in Germany
• good knowledge of the German or English language
• University Entrance Qualification
• Proof of financing (at least 8.000€/year)
• Visa, which allows you to study in Germany
• Health insurance
What do I need, to study in Germany?
You need a good overview of the prerequisites and the individual steps to prepare and apply for your studies in Germany. This is offered by www.study-in.de or www.inobis.de.  Moreover, it is important to make a decision about what and where you want to study. Help is provided by www.hochschulkompass.de and www.studienwahl.de. Here you can find information about the range of studies at German universities as well as useful tips for the selection of a course and a study course database.
University Entrance Qualification and Recognition of your Degrees
The database anabin and also the respective Academic International Office of your desired University provide information about the assessment of your degrees. If the existing degree is not sufficient to study at a German university, there is the possibility to attend a study preparatory course at a Studienkolleg and then take the necessary examination in order to be admitted to the study program. You can find more information on www.studienkollegs.de.
There are no fees for studying in Germany, only a semester fee of max. 300 €. However, the living expenses in Germany amount to about € 600 to € 800 per month. So you must prove that you have at least € 8,000/year for your disposal (e.g. bank deposits, parents' income statements, a person's guarantee in Germany, scholarship). To find a scholarship, the DAAD database (German Academic Exchange Service) might be very helpful.
German language skills and Certificate
Usually, German language skills are required for studying in Germany. You will find information on this as well as useful links for finding language courses, examinations and online learning opportunities here. You can find detailed information on where language tests for studying can be taken here.
Further important links:

www.daad.de - Information about scholarship programs, university projects and science cooperations
http://www.eduserver.de/ - Information and statistics concerning education in Germany
www.studium-ratgeber.de/studieninfos-auslaender.php - Information about studies in Germany for foreigners
www.internationale-studierende.de/ - Information fort the different phases of yout studies

You have questions concerning a permit of residence for a study? You can find more information under stay for purposes of study.

You already have a university degree or a completed vocational training? There are possibilities for your qualifications to be recognized in Germany. Look it up under Recognition of Qualifications.