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Residence Permit for Studying

You have the possibility to get a residence permit, in order to study in Germany. You have to apply at a University and be admitted for your course of study. You also have to be able to finance your own livelihood while studying, for example by means of existing assets, financial support of the parents, scholarships etc. (§16 Residence Act). You have also the possibility to work during your studies, but only to a limited amount.

With a University degree, there are very good chances to find a good and well payed employment in Germany. Especially doctors, engineers, IT specialists and natural scientists are in demand. If you successfully complete your studies and are able to find an academic employment in Germany, which can finance your livelihood, you can permanently stay in Germany (§ 18 Residence Act with § 2 Employment Regulation). In this case, there is no minimum gross annual income required.