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Subsequent Immigration of Children

Children, who want to immigrate subsequently to an in Germany living parent, have to submit an individual visa application. For subsequent immigration of children the conditions differ, whether the in Germany living parent is German or not.

Subsequent immigration of children of a German

A visa for family reunion under relatively simple conditions is given to children up to the age of 17 who wish to live with their German parent in Germany.

Subsequent immigration of children of a non-EU citizen

Subsequent immigration of children to a non-EU citizen also requires a secured livelihood and sufficient living space. In addition, both parents or the parent with sole custody must have a (permanent) residence permit.
If minor, unmarried children have already completed their 16th year of age, they only receive a residence permit, if they are able to speak (level C1) or if their integration in Germany can be guaranteed otherwise. Before completing their 16th year, children do not necessarily need to have German language skills.

Subsequent immigration of children of EU citizens, EEA-citizens and Swiss (right of free movement)

In this case, the more convenient regulations of the right of free movement do apply. The general conditions are the same as for a subsequent immigration of a spouse of a non-EU citizen living in Germany.