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Residence for Family Reasons

Who can come to Germany for family reasons?
Which conditions must be complied?

Turkish, Kosovan and Russian citizens need a visa to enter Germany and a residence title for specific purposes for a long term stay. Also Non-EU nationals, who are exempt of a visa for a short-term stay of 3 months (e.g. Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia or holder of a „grüner Beamtenpass“ in Turkey) must apply for a long-term stay before your entry to the Federal Republic of Germany.

If you want to stay in Germany because of family reasons, you need a family reunion visa for your entry. Only if you hold such a visa you can get a residence permit for family reasons.

You can find the requirements for family reunion in §§ 27-36 Aufenthaltsgesetz (Residence Act). Also important are §§ 5, 10 & 11 Aufenthaltsgesetz.

Spouse of a German
Spouse of a Non-EU Citizen in Germany
Spouse of an EU Citizen, EEA-Citizen, Swiss
Subsequent Immigration of Children
Parents from German Children Living in Germany

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