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Residence Permit for Vocational Training

If you want to undergo vocational training in Germany, you can be issued a residence permit (§17 Residence Act). After a completed vocational training, this permit can be extended up to a year, in order for you to find a job in your trained profession.
If you complete your training successfully, work in your trained profession and are able to make your own living, you will have the possibility to stay in Germany (§ 18 Residence Act and § 6(1) Employment Regulation).

If you have already completed your school or a vocational training in your home country, your qualification can get recognized in Germany. You will find more information under Recognition of Qualifications.

Please note: If you completed a vocational training in your home country and want to work in Germany in your trained profession, it is important to know that you do not only need your qualifications to be recognized in Germany. You will only get a visa and a residence permit, if you are trained for certain jobs, in which there are shortages of professionals in Germany (more information: Residence Permit for Work in a Training Profession)